More about MCG

We are Middlebury College students from diverse backgrounds and varied academic interests who provide free consulting services to businesses and nonprofits. Our project teams consist of six to eight students who are interested in complementing their liberal arts education with practical experience.

Our aim at MCG is to create a win-win scenario for clients and students. On the one hand, we strive to quickly add value to our clients’ organizations and we have a strong track record to demonstrate our success. Our outside perspective combined with our broad skill set enables us to assist clients in tackling their challenges.

On the other hand, MCG members reap the rewards of interacting with businesses and nonprofits. This connection fosters a greater understanding of the world outside the confines of academia, thereby enriching students’ education.

Our Team

Alejandro Martinez Perez


Isabel Lindsay


Norah Senftleber
Director of Speaker Series
Isabel Aguirre
Director of Education and Development
Lillie Atkins
Chief Technology Officer
Farhan Haque

Kenshin Cho & Gillian O'Connor
Team Leaders
Caroline Wolfe
Frances VanderMeer
Aidan Acosta
Hadjara Gado Alzouma
Armaan Chawla
Nate Eazor
Alex Corda & Nicole Hong
Team Leaders
Grace Sheridan
Adam Guo
Owen Powers
Christian Poulsen
Mason Olmstead
Isabel Herrick
Youssef Halim & Roberto Zagarese
Team Leaders
Jimmy Caprio
Hassan Mouhtadi
Jessica Lipton
Isabel Larson
Ruiqi Xue
Liam O'Brien
Maura Lonergan & Adam Wisco
Team Leaders
Anna Zumwinkle
Mariano Correa
Lizzie Friesen
Lorrisa Luo
Tai Nguyen
Salaar Khan

Nolan Shapiro & David Powell
Team Leaders
Ryan Wheatley
Ben Yamron
Gaby Sanders
Emily Allardi
Corey Jalbert

Pierce Gidez & Brandor Matos
Team Leaders
Kelly Zhou
Tatiana Rengifo
Tanzim Ahmed
Sarah McEachern
Thomas Slap

AJ Bernstein & Dennis Miranda Cruz
Team Leaders
Raquel Maldonado
Thomas Tarantino
Hunter Parkhill
Erik Arvidsson
Bunmi Adeloye
Hallie Feibel
Rafael Franco
Shaye Anis & Rehan Zafar
Team Leaders
Justin Ghaeli
Daniel Grubbs-Donovan
Julia Goydan
Michelle Liu
Ben Rivitz
William Bogatyrenko