Why become our client?

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Our teams strive to add value to clients' organizations over an intensive 6 – 12 month partnership

MCG is the most selective student organization in Middlebury College, with an acceptance rate of just 30%


Teams frequently update clients on the revisions and progress of their work

At the end of each semester, we present clients with tangible deliverables, outlining our research, past progress, and options for the future

New points of view

As liberal arts students from diverse backgrounds, we aim to offer new perspectives on our clients’ problems

Our members major in a wide array of subjects from Physics to History, which results in better ideas

Our Promise

Here at MCG, we are dedicated to our work, deeply invested in our clients, and passionate about the value we create through our mutually rewarding partnerships. Through a commitment to excellence, our diverse and enthusiastic teams, and the resources Middlebury has to offer, we will find innovative solutions to whatever problems your organization may be facing.

Past Projects

Local Non-Profit

For one of our more recent projects, we helped a local non-profit optimize the production process and branding of a core revenue stream. With the extra surplus, the organization could further its core, altruistic mission. Here at MCG, we are dedicated to our work, deeply invested in our clients, and passionate about the value we create through our mutually rewarding partnerships.

Supply Chain Optimization

Identified the most cost-effective supply chain for our client’s core product.

Market Research

Ascertained customer preferences through an extensive survey-feedback process.

Growth Strategy

Presented innovative paths for expansion through value creation and restructuring.


Redesigned our client’s core product label to spotlight its local, altruistic, and organic appeal.

High-End Boatyard

One of our past projects was helping a boatyard expand and prioritize business verticals, as well as target customers through merchandising, social media strategies, and a revamped online presence.

Industry and Financial Analysis

Market Research: Analyzed data on over 20,000 boats to assess our client’s market share and market position

Financial Analysis: Analyzed financial statements to suggest restructuring options to maximize profits

Marketing Analysis

Advertising: Proposed changes to our client’s website and social media strategy to capitalize on important industry developments

Marketing: Identified the ideal customer and advised our client on a targeted merchandising strategy

Middlebury Foods

A local non-profit, partnered with MCG to develop a strategy plan that promotes financial stability while also allowing for the organization to remain aligned with its community-based core values. We counseled our client to modify its business model, expand its financial buffer and reimagine its community presence.

Business Model Analysis

Product Analysis: Calculated the profitability on each of the client’s products to develop a more effective marketing strategy and to advise price modifications to increase revenue.

Financial Analysis: Analyzed financial statements to highlight factors that could have added to the client’s recent financial deficits and to suggest a budget restructuring.

Community Outreach

Market/Client Research: Conducted surveys to analyze the makeup of the client’s customer base and to provide their input on the client’s services and offerings.

Outreach Analysis: Formulated an extensive list of potential partnerships with other local community-oriented organizations to strengthen the client’s community presence and redeveloped its social media strategy to address the changing demographics of the customer base.